Frequently Asked Questions

Are the materials you use EPA approved?

Yes, and our technicians are trained to follow the label on each of the products used to insure a safe and effective application.

Do you offer a green service with 25b materials?

We do! However, we strongly recommend a monthly service as the efficacy of these products is not as long as conventional treatments.

Is Your Company, Licensed and insured?

Yes we are, we take compliance very seriously and strive to abide by all laws and regulations as required by State and Local governing agencies.

Is Conner Pest Management’s Pest Control an Essential Business?

Yes, we are providing pest services during the COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our customers and employees is our first priority. However, pests aren’t taking any time off. We will continue to provide services to our commercial and residential customers.

Are we supposed to stay outside of the home during treatment?

No, you and your family members can stay at home during treatment. If you are allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals and smells, it may be a good idea. Staying outside for a couple of hours is also recommended if someone from your family suffers from breathing problems like Asthma. We’ll ensure the task is finished as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience.

Am I supposed to clean the house after a pest control treatment?

Usually, there is no need for cleaning after a treatment. In case there is a requirement to clean, we will guide you on that. It is always better to vent your house to ensure there is no smell.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes. The guarantee will vary based on the pest being treated, and occasionally other factors, but we do guarantee our work. Our knowledgeable office staff and technicians can create a schedule that will control whatever problem you may be experiencing.

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