Residential Services (Monthly&Quarterly Programs)


  • Green 25b materials available on monthly programs only
  • Exterior treatment, perimeter of home and eaves
  • Interior services upon request (no additional charge)
  • Remove any spider webs from exterior of home
  • Place exterior bait around the exterior dirt areas of the home to help boost the effectiveness of the treatment

Distribution and Warehouse Services


  • All audited services available – Scanned equipment, electronic reporting, customer portal to run trend reports and view all documentation
  • Place monitors at regular intervals around the facility
  • Pheromone lure monitoring
  • Conditions reporting (Let us help you achieve your desired standards)
  • Bait station monitoring on exterior of the facility

Retail Centers                                        


  • Conner Pest Management has extensive experience in servicing retail centers
  • Concise clear reporting with transparency to document that all monitors are serviced
  • Perimeter treatments that will protect your clients from unneeded down time due to pests

BED BUG THERMAL ERADICATION! We now offer programs for the eradication of Bed Bugs utilizing Heat Treating of structures. Call for Details!

ATTIC RESTORATION!! Conner Pest Management now offers a service to restore your attic to a like new and healthy environment. We remove soiled insulation, clean up rodent feces, exclude rodent entry ways, sanitize your attic and install new insulation. We feature the TAP insulation an EPA approved insulation that contains borates to help eliminate insects also. Call for details!!