Do You Exterminate Bees…………….????

Spring is here and with it comes the phone calls from distressed homeowners that bees have invaded their property. Bee swarms are very common this time of year and can be quite distressing if you are not aware of their normal behavior. The attached video is a good example of a bee swarm that stopped at a commercial property. When bees are exposed in this manner, they will move on. When Conner Pest Management receives these types of calls, we educate the caller on the behavior of the bees. We will not exterminate colonies like this, bees are an important part of our ecosystem and therefore, our belief, is that they must be protected. Sure, we are turning away revenue, but the good the bees do for our environment is much more important in the long run. I hope you will understand if we ask you to leave them alone and wait for them to move on. If you would like to learn more about bee behavior here is a wonderful link that is very beneficial. 


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